Christmas Traditions – Whats yours?


Christmas Traditions - What's yours?

Celebrations are often steeped in traditions - especially Christmas.  Some of these traditions are formal some just evolve over time as families and friends gather. It is these traditions that I love the most as these are the things our children look forward to and remember forever.

Like most families our Christmas would start on Christmas Eve.  Once Santa's glass of  milk and shortbread (or occasional beer) and the reindeer's carrot were put out we would tuck the children into bed and the work would begin!

I would head to the kitchen to cook and prep and my husband would wrap and assemble.

How many of you have spent Christmas Eve cursing the allen key and poor assembly instructions as you tried to put together a bike or a swing set or worse still the trampoline?

But you do it as you know the look on your child's face more than compensates for the angst.

Once that is all done its time to set out Santa's snowy foot prints, put out a little pile of magical reindeer poo in the garden (aka sheep poo with a little glitter)  and finally hang the stockings.

We would eventually fall into bed about midnight only to be woken very early by two very excited little people.

And so a day of unwrapping and eating, laughing and playing would begin.

We would always spread the present opening out over the whole day.  It was our way of encouraging the children to appreciate each of their gifts.

Without fail once a present was opened my Dad would be right there picking up the wrapping just to keep things tidy.  In fact the kids made him a wrapping paper box from a card board box decorated with some old Christmas cards which was resurrected each year just for the discarded paper.

Time moves on. 

Our babies are now teenagers and now non believers (though there is always the request for a Christmas stocking).  Swing sets and bikes no longer need assembling but still presents are wrapped and cooking is done - the difference is now the kids are helping.  Sadly my Dad has passed away but still the paper box comes out and the kids busy themselves collecting up the wrapping paper (I am sure my Dad is smiling down on them).

So our Christmases have evolved but we still unwrap and eat, laugh and play and make memories that we all treasure and hold close in our hearts.

What is it that makes your Christmas special ?


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