There is More Than One Way to Parent

Parents have been parenting for a very long time.  We know that it can be challenging.

But somewhere, somehow it has now become complicated.

Even before your baby is born your parenting journey is full of expectations and what you should and shouldn’t do.  Almost from the moment of conception you will be asked “Where are you delivering?”, “Are you planning on a natural birth?”  and “Do you have a birth plan?”  Then there is the question of what you need to buy – the pram, the change table, the cot, the car seat.  Then there is a whole array of other things that you might need, but not sure if you really do need but will get them anyway just in case.   Who knew planning for a baby was so involved?  This in some way sets the tone of what is to follow.

We are in an age where we have a wealth of information at our fingertips.  While knowledge is essential, when it comes to parenting it can become overwhelming.  There is so much information and so much of it is conflicting.

Parents are under enormous pressure to do the “right thing” – but what is right?

Truth be told there is no one right way to parent.  There are approximately two billion Mums in the world. So, I figure that there must be about two billion ways to be a mother. Every Mother and infant bond is unique, every family unit is unique.

You know your baby better than anyone.  Trust in yourself.  With the overload of information, technology and baby must haves it is very easy to start second guessing yourself and doubting your decisions.

With a constant background noise of being told what you should and should not do, it can get to the point where you no longer hear your own voice.

Trust your own intuitive ability to parent.

Parenting practices vary over time and within different cultures.  Perhaps it is worth paying heed to a simpler time or a less complicated approach.

So, next time you are feeling a little overwhelmed and start to question your parenting decision remember there are no absolute rights or wrongs – in fact there are about two billion different ways it can be done.