Tips For Successful Massage

Massaging your baby can be anything from small opportunistic micro massages any time during the day to a full body massage. Both are important forms of positive touch and are of benefit to you and your baby and can be a beautiful bonding experience. When you are going to do a full body massage there are a few tips that are worth considering to ensure that both you and your baby enjoy your massage time.


Pick a time of the day that is good for both you and your infant. When your baby is young and your days are busy you may need to look carefully to find time between feeding, sleeping, nappy changing, bathing etc. It must be a time when your baby is happy to receive a massage but also a time when you are wanting to massage. Don’t make massage a task that has to be done but rather a time for you and your infant to enjoy and bond. Play around with different times of the day – you may have more energy and your baby maybe more alert earlier in the day or you may find a massage closer to the evening may result in longer sleep at night.


Find a place in your home that is conducive to feeling relaxed and calm. If you have washing piled up on your couch waiting to be folded or a stack of paperwork on your coffee table that needs to be attended too – perhaps go to your baby’s room or find a place where you can just focus on your baby and enjoy without distractions. Turn off your phone and the TV. You may want to play some relaxing music or have a little subtle oil burning.


Take a few minutes before you start a massage to ensure you have what you need – towel/blanket, nappy and wipes and oil. For yourself wash your hands, remove any jewellery that may scratch your baby and have a water bottle on hand. If you have everything ready at the start you are more likely to get into the flow of the massage. It can become a little disjointed if you have to keep getting up to find things


Ensure you are feeling confident and comfortable with all the strokes and how much pressure you should be applying. If you are uncertain about any strokes just leave them out until you have checked to make sure you are on the right track. Ensure that your strokes are firm. Your baby will find light feathery strokes irritating.


The are no rules as to how long a massage should last – your baby will be your guide. Watch their face and their body language. You are soon going to find what strokes they enjoy the most and which ones they don’t. Focus on what they enjoy and stop as soon as they are indicating to you they have had enough.